What Is Low VOC?

SealantDirect provides Low-VOC caulk, sealants and adhesives.

What is a “VOC”?

A VOC is a “Volatile Organic Compound”. The way a chemist uses that phrase, the word “volatile” describes a liquid that evaporates at room temperature, and the word “organic” means it is a compound that contains carbon. Thousands of different VOCs, some natural and some man-made, can be found in the air.

In sealant and adhesives, VOCs are used as solvents, or thinners, that work with the resin – the part that binds together all the ingredients of the sealant or adhesive and allows it to adhere to the various building materials.

What does “Low VOC” or “Ultra-Low VOC” mean?

Given the VOC reductions made possible by technological advancements in the chemical industry, the phrase “Low VOC” is used to describe a product with a VOC content at or below 150 g/L. Majority of SealantDirect sealants and adhesives are considered to be “Ultra-Low VOC” as they have VOC content below 50 g/L. A product that is lower in VOC content typically has a lower or even undetectable odor, ideal for interior applications.

Are all VOC’s toxic?

Not all VOC’s are considered toxic.  The materials in most SealantDirect sealants and adhesives are considered “zero toxic”. In other words, they contain no toxic air contaminants or hazardous air pollutants of any kind.  In fact, the materials in these sealants that by definition are considered VOC’s are the same ingredients used throughout the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries with wide-ranging regulatory approvals.