Pro-MS 50™


Bostik PRO-MS 50™ is a one-component, low modulus, solvent free silyl modified polyether sealant ideal as a transitional seal between building materials such as vinyl siding, fiber cement board (FCB) and most metals.

Size: 9.8oz / 290mL cartridge

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Bostik PRO-MS 50™ is a one component, low modulus, solvent free Silyl Modified Polyether Sealant.

It demonstrates hybrid sealant properties such as color stability and long lasting elastomeric qualities for building envelop architectural grade applications. Primary applications include vinyl window perimeter sealing, fiber cement board, engineered trim board, flexible flashing materials, metals such as Kynar coated metals, Bondarized, and galvalume, and siding applications.


  • Seals joints between most vinyl siding, fiber cement board (FCB), aluminum, most metals, and other common building materials.
  • Interior and exterior bonds—transitional seal between building materials.
  • Perimeter seals for windows, doors and other wall penetrations on vinyl, fiber cement board (FCB) and other siding materials.
  • Metals such as Kynar coated metals, Bondarized and galvalume and metal building construction and synthetic materials.
  • Flexible Flashing Materials