AVON 600 Powerflow™


12:1 trigger ratio sausage applicator gun for use with SealantsDirect caulks and sealants.


The Avon 600 PowerflowTM applicator is designed with the professional in mind. The single component hand applicator gun is uniquely designed for reliability and performance. The PowerflowTM technology features a compensation sleeve that reduces the wear and distortion of the plunger mechanism over time and effectively increases the life span of the gun. The cast handle provides a smooth, constant and easy dispensing operation with a 12:1 trigger ratio.

Perfect for use with SealantsDirect Caulks and Sealants.

Product Features

  • 10 oz. / 20 oz. Sausage, 10.3 oz. Cartridge and Bulk Application
  • Pre-Configured for Sausage Application
  • Plungers Included for Cartridge and Bulk (G2) Applications
  • Mechanical Advantage 12:1
  • Switchable Flow Control
  • Plunger Extension – Reduces Waste
  • Wear Compensating Device
  • Drawn Aluminum Barrel
  • Interchangeable Pull Handle
  • Quick Release End Cap
  • All Component Replaceable Parts